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Qi First is a company that emerged from close cooperation of our managing directors within the construction and real estate industry.

Both MDs acquired their academic qualifications in the UK and the USA, more recent titles also in Germany. 

Their varying backgrounds, professional exposure to the real estate industry and longtime residences in world metropolises like London, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Istanbul, Beirut, Kuwait, Dubai and further countries in Asia and Africa, are key to their understanding of cultural and professional diversity.

For nearly 20 years, working on behalf of national and international developers, they were in charge of the realisation of various residential and luxury property projects.

From project planning to hand-over of keys, they initiated, supervised and conducted all processes in project management, material sampling, special request and reconciliation management, as well as the sales and marketing of a project.

The idea behind Qi First GmbH was to establish a service that supports owners way before completion,until after the hand-over of keys and to attend to our clients throughout the entire process.

We are here to assist and advise demanding owners like yourself and to assume the reliable conduct of all your property dealings with our one-stop-service!

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